April 11 2024

We’re thrilled to share highlights from our participation in the recent “LIFE Platform Meeting on Soil” held on April 10th and 11th, 2024, in Pamplona, Spain. Our representatives, Antonio Scialletti from SBS and Konstantinos Zoukidis from AFARM, had the fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovative LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS Project to a diverse audience of stakeholders.

At the conference, we engaged with fellow LIFE projects and industry experts, exchanging insights and experiences focused on soil health and sustainability across Europe. The event provided a platform to discuss critical topics, including the “Mission Soil” initiative under the EU Green Deal, which aims to enhance soil health and aligns with our mission to combat desertification and restore soil fertility.

One exciting outcome was our connection with key EU officers, including Agnieszka Romanowicz, Michel Quicheron, and Panos Panagos, who expressed interest in featuring our project’s outcomes during the upcoming “Mission Soil Week” in Brussels. This opportunity will enable us to share the impactful results of RecOrgFert PLUS and contribute to soil conservation efforts on a broader scale.

During engaging workshops, we emphasized the importance of cross-communication among LIFE projects to foster collaboration and enhance future initiatives. We also gained valuable insights from longer-duration projects, such as “NADAPTA,” which focuses on resilient soil management strategies.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about potential business development opportunities facilitated by CINEA and the EU Soil Observatory, which will enable us to leverage our project’s outcomes for further dissemination and product development.

This conference was a significant milestone for our project, reinforcing our commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture and combating soil degradation. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive positive change through the LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS Project!