24 April 2023

On 19-20 April 2023 the second monitoring visit of LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS project was held in-person at SBS Steel Belt Systems srl premises at Villafranca Tirrena in Sicily (Italy).

As part of the visit, it was a great opportunity to tour the SBS labs, where we saw Zolfital’s innovative organic-mineral fertilizers in action. The project partners also  gathered at the Università degli Studi ‘Mediterranea’​ di Reggio Calabria’s labs and see the incredible work being done on soil research. Agriculture is a vital industry for Europe, and it’s heartening to see so many experts coming together to combat desertification and climate change. We also visited Falcone farm, where we saw firsthand the benefits of using organic fertilizers on crops. It’s inspiring to witness the positive impact that sustainable farming practices can have on our environment and communities.

The visit was extremely informative, and we appreciate the opportunity to see the production process first-hand. We are confident that the results of our LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS project will contribute to sustainable agriculture practices and address the challenges of desertification and climate change.

Thank you to everyone who made this visit possible!