26 September 2023

On 22 September 2023 LIFE RecOrgFert Plus project has organised a Mid-Term Conference about Organic-mineral fertilizers by using recovered sulphur & orange wastes as sustainable soil recovery from desertification. 

hese mid-term results showed that RecOrgFert had positive effects on both crops, suggesting that agro-industrial wastes can be used for production of fertilizers with numerous advantages for the agricultural sector and for the environment.

These results evidenced positive effects of RecOrgFert compared to the other treatments. Plant growth and fruits were higher for Tomato and Sweet Bell Pepper grown in climatic chamber. In field, although extreme temperatures reached in July, the plants fertilized with RecOrgFert had a better productivity compared to chemical fertilizer (NPK) and organic fertilizer (HM). 

In summary, the use of this fertilizer could represent a cornerstone of modern agriculture, driving positive outcomes in terms of both productivity and crop quality while promoting responsible and sustainable farming.

Watch the recording of the conference below!