27th September 2021

On 21st September 2021 representatives of the 5 partner organizations from 2 European Countries have officially started work on the project with an online kick off meeting.

LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS is funded by the European Union under the LIFE programme with more than 1,7 million of euro.

The Project aims at recovering alkaline and infertile soils through the final development and fine-tuning for the market of a new organic-mineral fertilizer. The goal is to implement an innovative pilot production process converting polluting agricultural organic waste (orange pulp and peel) and Sulphur industrial waste (obtained from the desulphurization of natural gas and oil) into an organic-mineral fertilizer for a sustainable recovery of soils and an eco-friendly agriculture, while reducing Sulphur gas emission in the atmosphere.

LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS  gives evidence of a circular economy business model for the valorization of the local waste supporting SBS, located near Messina (Sicily, Italy), as medium-size enterprise in launching innovative continuous pilot line, to produce new organic-mineral fertilizer. Inter alia, the project introduces this innovative approach for dried orange peels and recovered Sulphur management and it gives evidence that the combination of organic and mineral components in a unique fertilizer meets the requirements of sustaining crop yield, representing a sustainable substitute of chemical fertilizers.

In order to ensure the success of the project, all partners cooperate making its expertise available to reach the final goals of: reducing agricultural organic and Sulphur industrial waste, maximizing recycling and re-use of the waste in an organic-mineral fertilizer and limiting the landfill of non-recyclable and non-recoverable waste in favour of a sustainable recovery of soils and an eco-friendly agriculture.